Save the black-tailed godwits

A new airport near Lisbon threatens the black-tailed godwits. Stop this disastrous plan. Support BirdLife Partner SPEA and sign the petition!

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Save the black-tailed godwits

A new airport near Lisbon will threaten black-tailed godwits and tens of thousands of other birds. The Portuguese government approved construction plans early this month. A very unfortunate plan: the airport is located in the middle of a protected Natura 2000 area. It is a very important place for birds, including black-tailed godwits, spoonbills, black ibises and flamingos.

Sign the petition!

Please help and sign the petition to prevent this huge threat to an extremely important area for birds. 

No airport in Tejo

An airport in the middle of a Nature 2000 area has a huge disruptive effect on all birds in the area of course. For black-tailed godwits – the national bird of the Netherlands – the plan is particularly disastrous. At least half of all black-tailed godwits which breed in the Netherlands use this spot during their migration.

If an airport is built the black-tailed godwits will not be able to gain enough strength for the remainder of their trip to the Netherlands. They may also arrive too late in the Netherlands to breed and raise chicks. That is why – together with Portuguese BirdLife Partner SPEA – we call on the Portuguese government to stop this plan. #NoAirportinTejo

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